What sets Kitten & Shark apart is the philosophy and approach we take with all our clients.

We are a consistent and seamless extension of a company’s business development, providing an efficient and personalised service to leaders and entrepreneurs in their chosen fields.

We have an eager eye for quality and always deliver the best results for our clients, whether that’s from a consumer facing perspective, the calibre of the coverage we generate or the partnerships we form.

Kitten & Shark approaches each campaign with a bespoke strategy, offering a wide range of skills and services to drive brand awareness and ultimately generate sales.
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It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Kitten & Shark, from day 1 the team has been enthusiastic, reactive and efficient in delivering ideas and most importantly results! We have a smooth relationship and consider them as an extension of our company as we are constantly in touch, which makes communication and activation super smooth. They are also experts in PR, with great connections. All and all a valuable partner in our brand growth.

Raphaelle Simmons, Managing Director, Petrossian UK

We are a new era of communication specialists

We create interlocking campaigns where traditional consumer lifestyle media overlaps with digital platforms, social media, influencer engagement, while  bloggers and lifestyle pages interface with business profiling and trade titles.

We work with clients across the lifestyle sectors 

From consumer brands across a wide range of sectors including home, beauty, fashion, food and drink to hospitality clients such as hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants - we have strong and influential  media contacts in all of these sectors. We also pride ourselves in facilitating exciting collaborations between synergistic clients. 

Who you meet, is who you work with

We don’t believe in clients meeting with the senior team and then never hearing from them again. Kitten & Shark are a dedicated, passionate team of lifestyle specialists combining a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which is utilised throughout each  campaign
We plan, facilitate and execute a 360 degree PR positioning for the client to ignite intrigue, interest and brand awareness

We engage with the media across all relevant sectors and varying formats from national newspapers to bloggers and influencers

We generate newsworthy stories that inspire, engage and appeal to specific target markets
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