The Hoteliers Charter: Hospitality Reimagined

“As progressive hoteliers, we collectively make a commitment to providing a workplace environment built on the foundations of respect, fairness, equality, diversity and opportunity; and to placing colleagues’ wellness and career development at the heart of our operations.”

Sally Beck has held the position of General Manager at London’s iconic hotel on Hyde Park, Royal Lancaster London, for 9 years now and during this time, she has become one of the most respected GMs in the London hospitality sector. Winning awards and accolades for how she leads her team with compassion and care, Sally is now working with other like minded hoteliers, who believe like her in hotels being ‘best in class’ in Hospitality by offering great careers.

Sally is excited to announce the launch of the Hoteliers Charter this month. The idea for the Hotelier’s Charter was conceived when Sally won Hotelier of the Year in the 2019 awards, voted for by her industry peers. The concept of the Hoteliers Charter, is to help dispel the notion that those working in hotels suffer ‘long hours for little pay’ and instead shout about all that is good about working in this vibrant industry.

Sally intends to spread the good word about all of the positive aspects of the hotel industry, to encourage potential employees, parents, colleges and universities to know that they can be supported and developed in a long term career in hospitality through working with Charter Hoteliers’. At Royal Lancaster London, Sally provides a workplace environment built on respect, fairness, equality, diversity and opportunity - placing employees’ wellness and career development at the heart of the operation.  This ethos is transferred into the 10 commitments of the Hoteliers Charter and echoed in hotels across the UK.

The Charter champions like-minded hoteliers in the development and well-being of their teams, with a purpose to furthering the reputation of the hotel industry as ‘Best in Class’ employers within hospitality. The Charter has already gained the backing of some of the UK’s leading hotel associations; UK Hospitality, The Institute of Hospitality, The Master Innholders & St Julian’s Scholars, Hospitality Action, The AA, and universities and colleges across the country, along with many hotel general managers. It is 100% hotel-based, and 200 hotels have already signed up, all of which are listed on the website.

Commenting on the charter, Sally says, “In Europe, the profile of the hotel industry rides high and parents and schools advocate working in the hospitality industry. However in the UK we have more work to do. The Hoteliers’ Charter is intended to spread the good word about our industry, to educate both parents and youngsters about the benefits of attending a Catering or Hospitality College or working with a Charter Hotelier, where they can benefit from a good work life balance, training, mentoring and apprenticeships. I am a publican’s daughter, who went to Grimsby Technical College and am now running one of the best hotels in London – the world is literally your oyster when you work in hotels and your skills are transferable around the globe.  After Brexit, UK hotels are losing out on many EU employees, now is a key time to appeal to students and young adults in the UK, our industry is getting ready to bounce back after the pandemic and we need UK employees to choose Hotels and Hospitality as a career. The Hoteliers Charter is a force for good helping us improve awareness of all of the great career opportunities that exist in hotels in the whole of the UK. ”