Bring your dog to work at 25EP: Science says it's good for you!

Recent research by The Kennel Club showed that 63% of people surveyed were worried about dogs bought during the pandemic being abandoned when normal life resumes. Choosing a dog friendly work environment like 25EP alleviates that concern! Not only does the luxury Belgravia coworking space allow dogs, it positively encourages them. Four-legged members are provided with dog mats, water bowls, healthy treats and plenty of attention from the team and members. 

There’s been a great deal of research carried out recently into the mental health advantages of dogs in the workplace, including studies that found petting a dog for 10-15 minutes releases the feel-good hormones serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin, and lowers the stress hormone cortisol (University of Missouri-Columbia; Washington State University). The Kennel Club survey found that 70% of participants felt that dogs alleviate stress in the workplace. 

Why not take a four-legged colleague into meetings? Group behaviour in a setting where a dog is present was found to be more cooperative, comfortable, friendly, enthusiastic and attentive (Central Michigan University). Dogs lighten the mood, and make people smile - which can only make the day better. 

Dogs are a social lubricant and great icebreakers, and something that 25EP members often bond over - stopping to chat to a dog (and their owner!) is a great way to network and meet new friends. 67% of people think dogs make the atmosphere at work more friendly (Kennel Club).

25EP is located in the urban oasis of Eccleston Yards in the heart of Belgravia, and the area is great for lunchtime walkies, which in itself can help clear the mind and boost brain power. 

The member perks at 25 EP are second to none; a drinks trolley straight to your deskside and a fully stocked wine and beer fridge on selected days, in addition to exclusive member discounts at local businesses. Member events have proven very popular, and include wine tastings with vineyard owners, team quizzes, movie nights, massage therapists and even a perfume stylist. Whilst working from home had its benefits, 25EP has successfully created an environment to tempt people back to the office, offering the relaxed comfort of home working but with a level of service and extras that make it a pleasure to once more return to shared workspace alongside your canine companion.

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